Nature, Walks and Cycling

Nature, Walks and Cycling

- the famous Saxon Shore Way

Conyer lies at the head of Conyer Creek. A tidal inlet flowing off the Swale which separates the North Kent coast from the Isle of Sheppey. Much of the area is marshland and as such offers fantastic bird-watching which includes Brent Geese, Dunlin, Teal, Wigeon, Curlew and many more. The bird sanctuaries of Elmley and Fowley Island are both close by.

The village lies on the famous Saxon Shore Way, a walk which stretches from Gravesend to the West and Hastings to the East if you continue around the Kent coast to the South. When travelling North from the pub, the path follows the creek and then the Swale passing through Harty Ferry and Oare, another inlet from the Swale. When travelling South from the pub the path runs around the Marina before continuing West. Breathtaking views can be experienced along the Swale both during the day and at night when the sun sets over the Isle of Sheppey.

The National Cycle route 1 is only yards from the pub as it arrives by road at Conyer and continues around the Marina and off on the Swale Heritage Trail to the West. The land around the marshes here is quite flat and a cycle route in the area would be regarded as relatively easy.

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